Golf Tracker for Excel Patch 1.1

Developer: DJI Computer Solutions
Specifications: Version 2.0 added 12 new charts and improves scorecard formatting.
Requirements: Microsoft Excel
Limitation: 24-day trial
Operation system: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista
Price: $24.95
License: Free to try
Version: v1.1
Downloads: 5649

Download Golf Tracker for Excel Patch 1.1

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Golf Tracker for Excel 2.0 Details

No matter you love swinging the club or not, you will surely enjoy throwing a disc or two in the fascinating sport-and-action game of Disc Golf! Ctrl+Shift+arrow key Turn extend mode on and use the arrow keys to extend a selection. Shift+Enter Select an entire column in a worksheet. F4 Repeats the last command or action, if possible.

Ctrl combination shortcut keys

ALT+F1 creates an embedded chart of the data in the current range. Press a second time to select the current region and its summary rows. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F9: rechecks dependent formulas, and then calculates all cells in all open workbooks, including cells not marked as needing to be calculated. If the cells are blank, move to the last cell in the row or column. Ctrl+Shift+A Invoke to automatically recognize patterns in adjacent columns and fill the current column Ctrl+E Cycle through all combinations of absolute and relative references in a formula if a cell reference or range is selected.

Checking your browser before accessing

Pressing CTRL+A a second time selects the entire worksheet. Key Description F1 Displays the Excel Help task pane. Notes: To keep this reference available when you work, you may want to print this topic. Pressing CTRL+A a third time selects the entire worksheet. Polar Draw is an ActiveX Component that enables you to build Visio-style charts from within your application.

System requirements

F7 F7 alone: Opens the Spelling dialog box to check spelling in the active worksheet or selected range. Left Arrow or Right Arrow selects the tab to the left or right when the Ribbon is selected.

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Note: If you are using Microsoft Excel Starter 2010, be aware that not all the features listed for Excel are supported in Excel Starter 2010. ALT+F8 displays the Macro dialog box to create, run, edit, or delete a macro. Automatic data validation insures that you don’t make mistakes.

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Registration is required to continue using it beyond the 24 day trial period. Page Up Move one screen to the left in a worksheet. Also the tool is known as “Golf Tracker for Excel -“. Ctrl+F10: maximizes or restores the selected workbook window.

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CTRL+SHIFT+” Copies the value from the cell above the active cell into the cell or the Formula Bar. Ctrl+A or Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar Select the current and next sheet in a workbook. Note: This feature is only available if you have an .


Data entry is simplified through the use of custom scorecards with intuitive easy to use interactive dialog boxes. Ctrl+A or Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar Select the current region around the active cell or select an entire PivotTable report. Alt+M, M, D Paste a name from the Paste Name dialog box (if names have been defined in the workbook. Ctrl+A Insert argument names and parentheses when the insertion point is to the right of a function name in a formula.