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Fender Jazz Bass Special

For example, call-and-response forms that predominate in African music figure as well in the work song, the blues, jazz, and other Americanized strains of African music; yet, in its original African form, the call-and-response format is as much a matter of social integration as an issue of musical structure. Bundle will be auto subscribed after expiry of volume or validity.

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With one last embrace and kiss from his mother, Jakie carries through on his threat, rebelling against his father’s wishes and running away from home. The most common form for these classic rag pieces was AABBACCDD, with a modulation to a different key typically employed for the C theme. Music and folk tales were among the most resilient of these.

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Treemonisha proved to be a far more expansive and consuming musical project. Food and Beverages Guests may purchase food and beverages from the Pavilion Café and its carts located around the Garden or bring their own picnics. That done, I noticed that the neck radius is more of a 10 than the jazz necks 7.25.

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In 1935, Rainey retired from performing and returned to her native Georgia, where she became active in the Baptist Church. I have seen these before, and there were Jazz Bass Specials in Japan before they came here, and they had a lot of different version, even some short-scale ones.


Louis, among others, boasted a glittering array of rag composers, as well as an ambitious group of music publishers who recognized the extraordinary body of talent at hand. The blues are further characterized by the prevalence of “blue” notes: often described as the use, in the earliest blues, of both the major and minor third in the vocal line, along with the flatted seventh; the flatted fifth, most accounts indicate, later became equally prominent as a blue note. The Georgia slave code went even further in prohibiting not only drums, but also horns or loud instruments. Although his fame as “father of the blues” is an overstatement, Handy’s impact as a popularizer of this new musical genre should not be ignored.

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The advent of Prohibition in 1920 brought jazz into gangster-run nightclubs — the only venues that served alcohol and hired black musicians. The recordings of Charlie Patton represent an earlier, less urbanized stream in the Delta blues tradition. The wildly successful “photo-dramatic production” was based upon Samson Raphaelson’s 1921 short story “The Day of Atonement” (also the basis for Raphaelson’s popular 1926 Broadway play of the same name), and adapted for the screen by Alfred A. If you are not familiar with these, Jazz Bass Specials were made famous by Duff McKagan of Guns N Roses, and later of Velvet Revolver.