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The tools and implements with which the African subdued the often hostile surrounding environment may well have been the first sources of instrumental music on our planet. In 1920, the General Phonograph Company achieved substantial sales with a recording of popular music sung by Mamie Smith, a black female vocalist. Available in the United States and in more than 176 countries. Beautiful tone and endless combinations. 🙂 I have been playing a black Power Jazz Special since 1989, which I bought second hand from The Bassplayer in Annandale Sydney.

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This cultural gumbo would serve as breeding ground for many of the great hybrid musics of modern times; not just jazz, but also cajun, zydeco, blues, and other new styles flourished as a result of this laissez-faire environment. Although his more daring works never gained the acceptance, at least during his lifetime, that Joplin craved, his oeuvre stands out today all the more due to the high standards to which he aspired, as well as to his determined belief in ragtime as a serious form of music–a belief that, decades after Joplin’s death, became validated by his belated enshrinement as a major American composer. In Smith’s case, the caustic acronym was well deserved: as a TOBA artist she joined Pete Werley’s Minstrel Show, where her pay, at least initially, was as little as $2.50 per week. Jolson was given the lead after Eddie Cantor and George Jessel denied Warners’ offer to play the title role.

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Settle on on “New Call” or “Add Call” from collection and Dial a diverse numeral. The most enduring myth of the blues culture is its fatalistic celebration of “dues paying,” of each musician’s need to internalize a blues ethos through the acceptance of–and ultimately the transcendence of–personal tragedy and disappointment.

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