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Developer: Collectorz
Requirements: None
Limitation: 50-movie database trial
Operation system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Price: $29.95
License: Free to try
Version: v9.12
Downloads: 594

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Automatically download all movie details, by title or by barcode

As long as you do it that way, your info stays the way you want it (in my case: correct.) The only problem I have with DVDProfilere is that my wife figured out how to view how much I’ve spent on Blu-rays over the past 3 years. :/ Collectorz USED to automatically fill in the current Amazon price when you added something to the database but I think they got in trouble for using Amazon’s info so they had to stop, but I actually liked when they did this. Follow the steps below to transfer your program, your database and your images from… The database you’re trying to sync with CLZ Cloud is a completely different one than we have in the CLZ Cloud.

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I also have to recommend Hooked In Motion, LLC’s () “iCollect Movies Pro”. Generate CD-keys for software distribution and registration with integrated license key validation. I think this has to do with the subfolder in Windows where you save the photos, but even the manual on the Collectorz.Com website is confusing at times. Opening this file launches Air Installer to manage your installation process, which may offer additional and optional offers from 3rd party software advertisers.

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You may need to re-add your app shortcut to your launcher screen by tapping/holding the app in your list of apps! Yes, there are things that I wish Movie Collector did, or did better.

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After that, the movies can be played right from your movie details panel. It enables you to connect to our central CLZ Core and download movies with detailed information to your own collection. Disclaimer: This software was not provided free for this review.

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Buying software will ensure that you will get the support and updates for your product and that developers will get paid for their job Rule 1: Be civil and friendly. I still have Book Collector, but haven’t fired it up in a few months – I got into the ebook craze, and Calibre is great for organizing those. The Index value is assigned when you add an movie to the database. Some of the issues that I’ve had with it are the same as yours.

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A CLZ Account is a generic Collectorz.Com customer account, a login (a CLZ Username and Password) for several different, and optional Collectorz.Com services: Login to the My.CLZ.Com site to access your licenses and download links, to… Contents: Buying About Update Plans: What is an Update Plan? This means the barcode scan function is pretty much useless to Australian users unless they have region one DVDs in their collection. There are bugs in the software that can be very frustrating. Name your file… The new releases tab includes movies released within the past month, as well as upcoming releases.

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No results in the Add Automatically screen), your best bet is to take a look at your firewall and/or router. That will make sure the images stay linked. * About the Edition column: that field should hold information about special editions only, but some users submit other data there (such as the format, even misspelled format names).

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The program basically enrolls your DVD and blue-beam film titles, which include the data’s, solid, team, cowl craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind subtle elements into one database. Sorry for the long post, just thought I could add some more to the discussion since I’ve had it for so long! Collectorz.Com Movie Collector gives you the possibility to add movies to the database by title, new releases or most popular items, group movies into folders, perform searches throughout the entire database, catalog DVDs by their barcode, and scan your folders for movie titles. You should ask the guys at Collectorz for a commission. Content will be published on site after you have activated your account.

3 movie organizer solutions – mobile app, web-app or desktop software:

Follow The biggest saving reported by our customers is $1 Our customers reported an average saving of $5 Would you recommend this store? DVD Database Software, catalog your DVDs automatically, no typing needed. For the rest of the data you see in CLZ Cloud it’s using data from our Core for Movies online database based on the CLZ Movie ID, such as cast and crew,… Clean up your hard-disk by deleting all unused cover images and thumbnails. I have it set on the minimalist mode, as you can see in the picture above.