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    Printed publications, namely, educational workbooks, textbooks, worksheets and manuals in the field of reading, writing, math and early literacy skills for K-12 students and enterprise level academic improvement initiatives Educational services, namely, conducting classes, workshops and seminars in the field of reading, writing, math and early literacy skills for K-12 students and enterprise level academic improvement initiatives Perfect for these industries Words that describe this mark This is a brand page for the SET POINT trademark by Renaissance Learning, Inc. Boris This version has many changes in the under laying code so has its own section. Close At work we have an Autolisp where the user enters distances for b, c & d and picks a start point. The description provided to the USPTO for SETPOINT HEALTH is [ Dietary and nutritional supplements; Food supplements; vitamin and mineral supplements; protein supplements ]. Once in the field, simple stick commands (see online instructions) can be used to switch between the profiles.

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    Speaker Systems: On speaker systems this informtion can be found on a label that is attached to a component of the speaker system. This version requires that all fields be on the byte boundary so it is a little easier to decipher the end result.